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Here at Retina Security systems we know that busy lifestyles doesn't always suit waiting around for pushy sales people, therefore we have created a online builder that means you don't need to enter any personal details to get you quote and if you like what you see either email us or call us on 01795 482500.

First Choose Your Panel

We have two alarm systems to choose from, the HKC 1070 hybrid panel what can incorporate an old outdated alarm system onto your new system, new wireless devices can be added onto the panel so your alarm is built to your own requirements.. The Quantum 70 is a all in one wireless only panel, this incorporates a built in keypad, this alarm is great if your looking for an entry level alarm system.

HKC 1070 Hybrid Plan

£ 425.00

  • Slim Line Keypad
  • Wireless Bell box

HKC Quantum 70


  • Wireless Panel
  • Built in Keypad

Next Choose Your Detection

Your detection will monitor every time a door is opened or movement is picked up within a room. We would suggest that doors going to the outside have a door contacts on and in all ground floor rooms and then one additional motion sensor on a landing upstairs. The system can also incorporate smoke & heat detectors if this is required. On site free advice is available, just ask.

HKC Wireless Motion Detector



HKC Wireless Door Contact



HKC Wireless Panic Alarm



HKC Wireless Keyfob With Panic Alarm



HKC Wireless Smoke Alarm



HKC Wireless Heat Detector




HKC wireless keypad



HKC wireless internal sounder



HKC fob (used for setting the alarm)



HKC wireless bell box



HKC dual push panic button



Finally Choose Your Montoring

There are two types of remote monitoring. Firstly, the WIFI module that connects onto your current internet service, this allows you to set/unset and receive smart phone notification when the alarm has been activated. The GSM module gives you the same function as the WIFI module but works over mobile data, this means if you don't have internet or you have poor internet connection the service is still available. This unit also allows voice calling if your alarm is activated or remote monitoring via an alarm receiving centre.(this is an extra cost provided by the ARC).

HKC WIFI Card For Smart Phone App


HKC GSM Card For Smart Phone App


Final Price

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